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Material Choices

Once you have settled on an overall design for you pool, you will need to choose your plaster, tile and hardscapes (decking, etc). Things to consider include: 

-What color do you want your water? If you want blue, select a plaster with white, blue, or gray pigments. If you want green, select a plaster with green, tan, brown, gold, or black pigments. Other factors that will influence the color of your water include, location, time of day, and water depth. 

-Selecting the right finish material. Do you want your plaster to be smooth to the touch? If so, you will be happy with our standard white or gray plaster. If you would rather have some texture, consider upgrading to a Quartz or Stone finish. 

-Your waterline tile will be the focal point of your pool. This is installed as a 6 inch band around your pool. It is typically 6"x6" tiles, but of course, there are many upgrades available! 

-Now for your patio, or pool deck. Your pool comes with a 12" coping stone immediately surrounding it. The most popular choices are Limestone, Sandstone, Flagstone, or Lueders. We can also bid additional decking to complete your poolscape. On this page, we've compiled examples of different plaster, tile and stone combinations.


TILE: Sea Ice Silver 1x2 (Upgrade)

PLASTER: Barbados Blue Quartzscapes (Upgrade)

COPING: Buff Leuder


TILE: Patina 8 Tropical Breeze

PLASTER: Barbados Blue Quartzscapes (Upgrade)

COPING: Charcoal Blue Lueders

WATERFALL: Limestone

WALLS: Chopped Charcoal Lueders

POOL DECK: Epokal 16" x 32" Ceramic Tile

SLIDE: SR Smith Custom Slide in Fashion Gray


TILE: Verona Borba Turquoise

PLASTER: Standard Light Gray

COPING: Charcoal Blue Lueders

BRICK: Silverado, Acme

TILE: Blue Seas-Teal Blue

PLASTER: Barbados Blue Quartzscapes (Upgrade)

COPING: Lueders 

POOL DECK: Travstone Beige Due Gotham Porcelain Paver


TILE: Equinox Icy Teal 1x2 (Upgrade)

PLASTER: Aruba Sky Quartzscapes (Upgrade)

COPING: Grey Buff Lueders, Honed Finish

PAVERS: Grey Soul Light, QDI Surfaces


PLASTER: Aruba Sky Quartzscapes (Upgrade)

TILE: Silverstone Marine 

COPING & DECK: Buff Lueders


POOL TILE: Silverstone Marine

SPA TILE: Kolarines Jade, Rolled (Upgrade)

PLASTER: Verde Quartzscapes (Upgrade)

COPING: Buff Gray Lueders

DRY STACK: Dark Brown

TILE: Eros 608, Fujiwa (Upgrade)

PLASTER: Aruba Sky Quartzscapes (Upgrade)

COPING & DECK: Buff Grey Lueder

STACKED STONE: Cave Rock Limestone w/Grey Lueder and Chocolate

TILE: Coral Teal

PLASTER: Barbados Blue Quartzscapes (Upgrade)

TILE: Verona Tondela Blue

PLASTER: Standard Light Gray

COPING & PATIO: Oklahoma Hickory


POOL TILE: Martinique Ocean Blue 2x2 (Upgrade)

SPA TILE:  Arctic Lagoon 1x1, rolled (Upgrade)

PLASTER: Tropics Blue Stonescapes (Upgrade)

COPING & PATIO: Oklahoma Flagstone

INTERIOR TILE: La Scala Gray Porcelain Paver

FEATURE WALL TILE: Nero Due Gotham Paver


TILE: Silverstone Aquamarine

PLASTER: Barbados Blue Quartzscapes (Upgrade)


WATER FEATURE WALL STONE: Oklahoma Blue & Chocolaate Ledge Stone

TILE: Santorini Argent Blue 1 x 4 (Upgrade)

PLASTER: Aruba Sky Quartzscapes (Upgrade)

COPING & POOL DECK: Buff Leuders

CHAIRS: Ledge Lounger

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